Tax Resolution Services for the Denver Area


Keith P Clark CPA PC – Serving Colorado’s Front Range from Denver to Colorado Springs
It is not uncommon for a taxpayer to experience severe financial hardship due to any number of reasons. This may lead to state or IRS tax problems that seem daunting and irresolvable. With our tax resolution services, Keith P Clark CPA PC can help solve the tax problems you and/or your Denver area business are struggling with.

Our goal is to build a lasting relationship with you to better take care of your current or past tax obligations. Fortunately, your tax problems may not be as formidable as they seem. Sometimes simply filing your back taxes may help reduce or even eliminate much of your tax debt, making it more manageable. Keith P Clark CPA PC offers personalized tax preparation and filing for your personal or business returns regardless of the size of your outstanding tax obligation.

Our Tax Resolution Services Include:

  • Personalized advisement on your tax problems
  • Filing of back taxes
  • Current/future tax preparation services
  • IRS representation
  • State tax authority representation

Contact Keith P Clark CPA PC today for a FREE consultation on your state or IRS tax problems. We offer itemized billing with reasonable rates for our tax resolution services and will only charge you for the actual time spent on your case. We will take the time to answer every question you may have about our recommendations we have for you or your Denver area business so that you will understand the process every step of the way. Together we can work to solve your tax problems without delay.

IRS Representation

When necessary, IRS representation is an important aspect of our tax resolution services. Keith P Clark CPA PC can advise you or your Denver area business on the steps that need to be taken. We can also represent you before the Internal Revenue Service and/or State tax authorities. Together we’ll discuss your unique tax problems and create a plan to resolve them.

Beware of Companies that Sound Too Good to Be True!

You should be wary of out of state companies or companies that promise you they can settle your debt for a fraction of what you owe. This is simply not an accurate statement. Your tax problems are not going to just go away. Instead of ignoring your problems or trusting companies that promise something that can’t be done, contact someone with experience helping others with similar situations. The best course of action is to do your research and find someone you can trust to work with you and resolve your tax problems one step at a time.